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Asphalt milling is a process designed to achieve maximum efficiency in the removal and replacement of asphalt paving in the span of less than a day. This process is ideal when there are time constraints. In certain circumstances where traffic flow requires continual access to properties, you can split the process into two lanes, working on one lane while the other lane allows vehicles and people to still access the parking lot or pavement.

Asphalt Grinding and mill patching eliminates the need to jack hammer the pavement perimeter, excavate pavement by rudimentary means (backhoe or Excavator), and disturb the soil’s sub-grade. A milling machine can quickly remove pavement to desired depth allowing Asphalt Paving to proof roll the sub-grade to ensure adequacy of compatibility of sub-grade before replacement of repaired area with asphalt. It´s fast, less disruptive, minimizes jack hammer noise, and provides you with great cost savings

Originally the removed asphalt was dumped in landfill but now we can process it on site by using a milling machine that turns it into particle sizes that allow asphalt milling’s to be reused in hot mix pavement.


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