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Get an amazing deal on your asphalt parking lot requirements now in Long Island and New York. Offering prices from under 2 Dollars per foot, you won’t find a better deal. Our workmanship combined with our an amazing prices makes us the number 1 commercial asphalt paving contractor in Long Island.


An asphalt surface is the most effective choice for parking lots for many reasons. The initial costs, construction time and life cycle costs are all signficantly lower than other options. The smooth, black surfaces complement any commercial business, enhancing the attraction of your business to customers. It is smooth and safe to walk on and can be marked out to clearly indicate to customers the parking bays, the walkways and the directional flow of vehicular traffic in your parking lot.


Asphalt is durable, flexible and very versatile. Asphalt when installed correctly is designed to withstand fluctuating loads and weather. In the winter months, when you need to put down salt and de-icing chemicals, it won’t have any effect on the asphalt. Maintenance is low cost, easy and quick.



Whether for new construction or for an existing building, asphalt paving is easily installed and your paved parking lot will be ready for your employees and customers to park and do business immediately after construction ends.

We can repair your existing parking lot, re-surface it, put a new asphalt overlay over the parking lot or we can restore your old parking lot by sealcoating it! Call us now and we can go through the options available on your parking lot in Long Island and New York.


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