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Get your parking lot re-surfaced by having a new asphalt overlay installed in Long Island. If only a small portion of your commercial asphalt parking lot is starting to show signs of deterioration — but not enough for replacement to be needed — then an asphalt overlay could solve your problem and save you money.

Overlays can extend the life of your asphalt parking lot and are ideal for situations where your asphalt surface is structurally sound but has an area that is showing cracks and needs asphalt repairing.


You can trust the professional team at FML Construction INC to properly assess your situation and suggest to you the best solution for your parking lot. It is important that you have it properly assessed by professionals to make sure it is suitable for an overlay. Our asphalt overlay contractors have the expertise to guarantee that your overlay will be installed correctly to maximize the life of the repaired surface.

If we install a new asphalt overlay over your existing asphalt parking lot, we are able to reinstate the parking lot striping for you. If you get both commercial services from us, you can make huge savings!

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